Hidden Object : Agent Amelia

Get ready to experience a roller coaster ride through a hidden city holding many hidden mysteries, dark secrets, enchanted castle and houses, zombie’s hotel and vampire’s temples. Agent Amelia was on a family vacation with her family. But they were experiencing an evil smoke everywhere they were going and suddenly Agent Amelia discovered that her family was not present in the hotel’s room. Now she is on a journey to find out who is behind all these hidden hoaxes?

Agent Amelia Secret City Quest: Hidden Object Game 400 Levels is a detective game mystery containing loads of hidden objects, find the difference and secret mysteries. This adventurous and scary mystery game is a hidden objects game to play offline for free for grown-ups and spot the differences for toddlers. Investigator Amelia needs to search and find every hidden object in the enchanted hidden city which will lead her to the secret of the lost city and her lost family. Join this truly free adventurous hidden objects game and prove yourself a worthy detective partner of Agent Amelia. This is a secret agent game with levels of the unexplained mystery of the lost hidden city.

How to Play Agent Amelia Secret City Quest: Hidden Object Game 400 Levels:
– Join the secret quest of Agent Amelia to investigate the spooky puzzle scenes.
– Find Hidden Objects just by tapping on them.
– By using ‘Zoom in’ feature, find ‘the hard to find’ hidden objects.
– Whenever you feel stuck in the puzzle feel free to use ‘Hints’.
– Hover the mouse on already zoomed picture to search for hidden objects.
– Whenever you like to see the whole mystery scene again, zoom out the puzzle scene.
– Find the differences in as soon as possible.
– Use these hidden objects for collecting evidence and solving puzzles.
– Connect all these clues and find the real reason behind all these dangerous activities.

In order to rescue the family of Agent Amelia and to search the hidden objects of the secret hidden city, you will need to fulfill dangerous quests, explore the enchanted castle and houses, zombie’s hotel and vampire’s temples. Uncover every mystery of the lost hidden city as you fight vampires and zombies, get back the family of Amelia and rid the city of a horrible evil!

Features you will get in Agent Amelia Secret City Quest: Hidden Object Game 400 Levels:
– Different hidden objects puzzles in 200 Levels.
– Demanding find the difference puzzles in 200 Levels.
– More than 3500 hidden objects to find in the whole game.
– Use HINTS to help yourself for searching the hidden objects.
– Multiple levels with mysterious places full of hidden objects.
– Download Hidden Objects game for free.
– The adorable, appealing and alluring character of Amelia.
– No internet connection or downloads required, now play hidden objects game without getting worried about internet data connectivity.

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We are here to provide you a world-class experience of hidden objects game for free offline with the beautiful partner, Agent Amelia. Now you can play this addictive adventure hidden objects game free anywhere and anytime offline. Download Agent Amelia Secret City Quest: Hidden Object Game 400 Levels for free and play offline.