Hidden Object : Hunted

Join Special Secret Agent Ema Journey, and dive into a whole new world of unique hidden object free puzzles. If you like mystery worlds environment and you’re ready to investigate secrets in the haunted mystery hotel, you’re at the right place.Our unique Free hidden object game haunted mystery hotel offers you a chance to find hidden objects from beautifully crafted levels and find differences from two pictures!

Discover Emaโ€™s Journey, the brand new hidden object free game beyond the gates of a mysterious haunted hotel lies a story rich with puzzles, thrilling secrets, and a hidden object maze. Find hidden clues and solve exciting puzzles across mystery hotel that draw you right into the heart of the mystery! Join Special Agent Ema, and dive into a whole new world of fresh hidden object puzzles, real romance and exciting adventure.

For all who love playing top rated Hidden object games 200 levels: Are you keen of playing top hidden object for free games? Be ready to face the real challenge of finding hidden objects in a secret mystery Hotels. This is a free find hidden object adventure game for escape and mystery game lovers. Climb your way to the top as the greatest detective and help solve hidden secret of the mystery society throughout world! Find hidden objects in Haunted Mystery Hotels around San Francisco, Las Vegas, London, Turkey, Usa, Uk, Egypt, China, India, Paris, Canada, London, Berlin, Lagos, Africa, Venice, Athens, Berlin, Istanbul, and more!

Surprises at every door, stunning adventure scenes, and a glamorous character of agent Ema await you in an adventure story game.Find hidden objects in pictures and have fun all day every day, cause this is is the best hidden object searching game for free.

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How to Play Free Mystery Hidden Objects Haunted Hotel Journey:
– Join Agent Ema to solve mysteries of haunted hotels of big cities.
– Find hidden objects to collect evidence, solve puzzles, put together clues and build your case against the criminal minds!
– Each case brings new mysteries and secrets

Haunted Mystery Hotel hidden object game for free!

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One of the best hidden object games free new 2018. Discover the hidden objects in each level and earn as many stars as you can to escape to the next level but keep in mind that the time is short and you have to finish the task before the timer has expired. Search and find secret hidden objects in a picture of mysterious hotel and explore the mysterious worlds beyond your imagination with stunning mystery levels and challenging puzzles.

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